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Dance Styles

Classes for children and adults in a variety of styles.

Toddler Dance


For the under 3's who love to dance, jump, run, skip, hop - MOVE! Develops basic dance skills and music awareness through play.

A parent or guardian is required to participate with their child in this program.



Creative Movement


Specifically designed for the 3-4 years age group it combines aspects of Ballet, Jazz, Singing and Mime dance to teach children the basic fundamentals of movement and music. Favourite songs of children are used and dance games are incorporated into the lesson. Children are given a new theme to explore each week.


Little Feet

This program is a combination of three styles of dance, Classical Ballet, Tap and Jazz. It gives the little dancer the opportunity to explore the world of dance. The Little Feet program has been developed to concentrate on coordination, fine & gross motor development, balance, special awareness, sequencing and patterns. This program provides a foundation for dance in a fun environment as well as developing physical and mental skills.


An energetic and enjoyable style of dance danced to the latest popular music. Students can develop their individual technique of leaps and jumps, turns, floor work as well as strengthening their bodies, increased flexibility and being active at the same time. In these modern times, jazz also incorporates funkier, more upbeat steps similar to those in the hip hop. Students can choose to do Jazz for fun or progress through grades by completing exams.


Following the likes of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and the more modern style of the Tap Dogs and Raw Metal, our tap classes allow students to master one of the more rhythmical forms of stage dance. Using shoes with metal taps attached to the bottom, students, in class are able to explore varied styles and techniques of tap, including that of soft shoe, turning steps, winging exercises, the waltz and street tap.

AMMA offers tap as an exam class for younger students or for fun, for those keen adults.



​Ballet, the most graceful form of dance, is offered to students of all ages, from 4 years to adult. Taken as an exam class, students learn the fundamentals to ballet, including technique and performance. Working from the basics like plies, points and turn out in the younger grades, to the difficult steps like en pointe and fast beating steps which you will see on the professional stage.

AMMA’s ballet curriculum offers everything for the aspiring ballerina.

Students are also offered Ballet Technique classes to enhance their skill level.



Hip Hop is one of the latest dance crazes, popular with children, teenagers and young adults, girls and boys alike. Directly from the streets, it has a style and flavour which incorporates movements that are more grounded than the jazz style. The knees are mostly bent and the dancer needs to create a feeling of heaviness with street attitude while dancing. AMMA offers a range of hip hop classes from examination to just for fun!





A combination of dance elements from modern dance and classical ballet, Contemporary centres on a dancer's own interpretation rather than structured steps. It often includes influences from non-western dance cultures and regularly utilises ground work unlike classical ballet. Dancers often perform in bare feet with abstract movements that do not necessarily tell a story.


Acrobatic dance combines acrobatics with classical dance technique. By using acrobatics in a dance context it displays athletic character and a unique style of choreography. It is challenging to master due to the requirement of the dancer to be trained in both dance and acrobatic skills and also be in excellent physical condition to handle the physical demands.

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